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Lua TeX
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[nMainbar] Better track default out-of-range indicator.

Instead of using an own range timer or custom logic, just update
whenever the default frames do, i.e. when the timer is reset.

Issue #74
latest commit 414522024b
@renstrom authored

Neav UI

This is a development repository for Neav UI on WoWInterface.

Addons included

  • !Beautycase
  • !Colorz
  • evl_RaidStatus
  • nBuff
  • nChat
  • nCore
  • nMainbar
  • nMinimap
  • nPlates
  • nPower
  • nTooltip
  • oUF
  • oUF_Neav
  • oUF_NeavRaid

Known issues

Known issues

  • !Colorz cause an ui-block-error (not lua error!), because we change the value of the global table, ignore this or delete PowerBarColor['MANA'] = {r = 0/255, g = 0.55, b = 1} in the !Colorz.lua file.



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