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= RepoForge project
Welcome to the *RepoForge* project. This project was formerly known
as *RPMforge*.
The RepoForge project provides add-on software packaged for _Red Hat
Enterprise Linux (RHEL)_ and compatible derivatives like _CentOS_
and _Scientific Linux_. In our RPM repositories you can convenient
RPM packages for:
- Servers _(eg. monitoring, troubleshooting, management)_
- Desktops _(eg. office, leisure, multi-media)_
- Development _(eg. perl, python, ruby libraries)_
== Installing RepoForge
To start using RepoForge, you only need to install the +rpmforge-release+
package tailored for your specific distribution. More information on how
to do this is avalable from the link:/fqa[RepoForge FQA]
== Contributing to RepoForge
In true Open Source fashion, this project welcomes contributions and
ownership of packages. We make use of github to collaborate on package
maintenance and infrastructure.