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undefined method `inline?' for #<Module:0x00000102114998> in Rails 3.1 w/ Ruby 1.9.3 #19

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I'm in the process of upgrading a Rails 2.3.14 app to Rails 3.1. The Rails 2 app successfully used Resque Loner, but whenever the upgraded code attempts to enqueue something, the following error is returned:

undefined method `inline?' for #<Module:0x00000102114998>

This is the resque portion of the trace:

resque-loner (1.2.0) lib/resque-ext/job.rb:15:in `create_with_loner'
resque (1.8.2) lib/resque.rb:191:in `enqueue'

Any suggestions on where to look for a fix?


On the road, short response: that's stuff to support inline execution of jobs, like in tests for example. Did you also upgrade resque-loner, or just your project?



Curiously, I recently started to get the same error - in resque-loner 1.2.1, using Rails 3.0.10.

Here's the build-log from travis CI:!/gedankenstuecke/snpr/builds/1483747
(Ignore the Deprecation-warnings from FactoryGirl please :) )

In prior versions (resque-loner 1.0.1) it works, because job.rb in lib/resque-ext/ doesn't seem to use "inline?".

Should i force an older version of resque-loner for now or is this an issue when Rails' version is < 3.1?


I guess the problem is, that inline? is not defined in the Resque version you're using. Low on time at the moment, we'd have to see if inline? is a new method that is not present in your Resque version, or an old version that is no longer present in your Resque verison.


We use the newest version on Travis - here's the Gemfile:

I now forced the version of resque-loner to an older one to stop the Travis-testsuite-failing-mail-spam, without the ~> '1.0.1', I get the above error


Same issue, 1.9.3, rails 3.2.7, resque 1.10.0, downgrade to 1.0.1 working


Resque.inline? has been introduced in resque 1.14.0. Upgrade to get resque-loner working.


Please yell if this is still broken for you!

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