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Fix #220: When generating a new project, restx-server-jetty dependenc…

…y should be considered optional in order :

- To be able ot use it at compile time (particularly in AppServer)
- To be able to have IDE like IntelliJ to provide jetty libs to classpath when running AppServer
- To be able to not package it (nor its dependencies) when building the war
Note that by removing restx-server-jetty from packaged libs, we need to bring back restx-servlet artefact (which was initially pulled from restx-server-jetty)
directly at the dependency root level, in order to have it packaged into the war (otherwise, we wouldn't be able to use
restx servlet-specific stuff when deploying on standard servlet containers such as tomcat)
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fcamblor committed Oct 23, 2015
1 parent dc9fc40 commit 8a75daacd67f6a194757e836bacb2ff74ceb3d13
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