Atari Jaguar

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The Atari Jaguar was the first 64 bit video game console released in 1993. It was a bad enough commercial failure that it put Atari out of the home video game console business.

Emulator Rom Folder Extension BIOS Controller Config
lr-virtualjaguar atarijaguar .j64 .jag none /opt/retropie/configs/atarijaguar/retroarch.cfg

Emulator: lr-virtualjaguar

Note that this emulator is currently experimental and will need to be installed through the experimental menu in the setup script.

On testing with RPi2 it is incredibly laggy and slow and experimental for a reason.

As of 8/6/16, testing on RPi3 (overclocked and normal speed) where choppy as well. For example, Doom took 48 seconds stock speed to load the first level, 41 seconds overclocked to 1ghz.


Accepted File Extensions: .j64 .jag

Place your Atari Jaguar ROMs in



lr-virtualjaguar utilises Retroarch configurations

Add custom retroarch controls to the retroarch.cfg file in


For more information on custom RetroArch controls see: RetroArch Configuration


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