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Example Usage

use Digest::HMAC;
use Digest;

my Buf $hmac = hmac($key, $data, &md5);
my Str $hmac = hmac-hex($key, $data, &md5);


  • sub hmac-hex($key, $data, Callable &hash, $blocksize = 64 --> Str)

    Returns the hex stringified output of hmac.

  • sub hmac($key, $data, Callable &hash, $blocksize = 64 --> Buf)

    Computes the HMAC of the passed information.

    $key and $data can either be Str or Blob objects; if they are Str they will be encoded as ascii.

    &hash needs to be a hash function that takes and returns a Blob or Buf. If it operates on or returns a Str, it will not work. (The md5, sha1, sha256 functions from Digest work well, as in the example above)

    $blocksize is the block size of the hash function. 64 is the default, and is correct for at least md5, sha1, sha256.