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com.rey.material.widget.EditTextis a custom view that wrapped a android.widget.EditText and provide many features like Material Design style, floating label, char counter, ...


It accepts all default attributes for android.widget.EditText beside custom attributes.

  • et_inputId - The Id of wrapped android.widget.EditText. It should be different with this view's Id so input view can restore state.

  • et_labelEnable - Indicate that it should show a floating label or not. The label's text will be the hint text of input view.

  • et_labelPadding - The padding of label with the input view.

  • et_labelTextSize - The size of label's text.

  • et_labelTextColor - The color of label's text.

  • et_labelTextAppearance - The appearance setting of label's text.

  • et_labelEllipsize - The ellipsize setting of label's text.

  • et_labelInAnim - The animation when label is shown.

  • et_labelOutAnim - The animation when label is hided.

  • et_supportMode - The mode of support text that show below the input view. There are 4 modes: none, helper, helperWithError and charCounter.

  • et_supportMaxChars - The maximum character for input view (used in charCounter mode). 0 mean it will only show the char counter.

  • et_helper - The helper text.

  • et_error - The error text.

  • et_supportPadding - The padding of support text with input view.

  • et_supportTextSize - The size of the support text.

  • et_supportTextColor - The color of the support text.

  • et_supportTextErrorColor - The color of the support text when has error.

  • et_supportTextAppearance - The appearance setting of the support text.

  • et_supportSingleLine - Indicate that support text should be shown as single-line.

  • et_supportMaxLines - The maximum lines of the support text.

  • et_supportLines - The lines of the support text.

  • et_supportEllipsize - The ellipsize setting of the support text.

  • et_dividerColor - The color of divider. Accept Color value or ColorStateList resource.

  • et_dividerErrorColor - The color of divider when has error.

  • et_dividerHeight - The height of divider.

  • et_dividerPadding - The padding of divider with input view.

  • et_dividerAnimDuration - The duration of divider's animation.

  • et_dividerCompoundPadding - If true, divider should include the padding of compound drawables.

  • et_autoCompleteMode - Indicate which input view is wrapped. There are 3 modes: none (android.widget.EditText), single (android.widget.AutoCompleteEditText) and multi (android.widget.MultiAutoCompleteTextView)

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