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A collection of useful ICON resources and content.
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ICON Resources

A collection of ICON resources and content by RHIZOME.

Blog Posts & Articles


Articles published on the RHIZOME blog.

ICON 101 by @IconographerICX

ICON 101 is an in-depth overview of the ICON project written by RHIZOME team member @IconographerICX.

DECRYPTO by Brian Li

DECRYPTO is RHIZOME team member Brian Li's personal blog, and contains a variety of ICON-releated pieces.


ReactCrypto is RHIZOME team member William McKenzie's personal blog, and contains a variety of ICON-releated pieces.

Videos & Podcasts


RHIZOME Offline is a YouTube video series focused on providing ICONists with the latest news and updates about the ICON ecosystem. It is hosted by RHIZOME team member Brian Li.

The RHIZOME Report

The RHIZOME Report is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by RHIZOME team members Brian Li and William McKenzie.


David Sail from Mineable is well-known for his blockchain and cryptocurrency videos.

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