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Logs available sensor data from an Android device to the SD card.
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This project was created as part of UF's SSTP program Small Satellite lecture series.

As part of the class, students are to launch a high altitude weather balloon with a scientific payload. Part of the payload will include an Android phone loaded with this application.

This application obtains the current position of the Android device and speaks aloud the latitude, longitude, and altitude. The latitude and longitude are encoded to a phonetic alphabet - to prevent casual eavesdropping and to aid in the ease of distinguishing the individual sounds.

Sensors (Working)

  • GPS

To-Do (In Progress)

  • Log from additional sensors (accel., photo, video, etc.)

Known Bug

  • The application in its' current state would seem to be unreliable in the long term.
  • There is a chance the application will glitch (unknown reason) causing positions to be spoken atop one another.
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