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  1. git clone
  2. composer install
  3. cp .env.example .env, config db connection
  4. Run migrations make migrate
  5. cp config/sphinx.conf.example config/sphinx.conf
  6. Set correct permissions for var/log and var/cache

Thread import syntax

Run ./bin/console import-threads with following arguments:

  • --source=2ch-api - Import alive threads from API:
  • --source=arhivach - Import list of threads from
  • --dir=/var/www/threads/ - Import threads from local folder:

Full import example

  1. Import threads 1-24, 26-78 from local folder (currently without threads 15-21):
  • ./bin/console import-threads --dir=/absolute/path/to/2ch/threads
  1. Import threads 25, 79-95 from arhivach:
  • ./bin/console import-threads --source=arhivach

Starting PHP builtin web server

The following command will start a builtin web server. Point your browser to to see the front page.

php -S -t public dev-server.php


  1. Create test database, edit TEST_DB_NAME variable in .env file
  2. Run migrations for test database make migrate-test
  3. Run tests using ./vendor/bin/phpunit. To run single method add --filter option.


To run Sphinx use indexer --config /path/to/project/config/sphinx.conf --all --rotate

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