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BayesFactor R package for Bayesian data analysis with common statistical models.
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BayesFactor is an R package that enables the computation of Bayes factors in standard designs, such as one- and two- sample designs, ANOVA designs, regression, and analysis of contingency tables and proportions.


To install the latest stable version from CRAN, use install.packages:

install.packages('BayesFactor', dependencies = TRUE)

or your R graphical user interface's install packages menu.

To install the latest development version, you can use install_github from the devtools package:

## install devtools if necessary
## Load devtools package for install_github()
## get BayesFactor from github
install_github('richarddmorey/BayesFactor', subdir='pkg/BayesFactor', dependencies = TRUE)

Under Linux, you'll need standard build tools installed (gcc, etc). Under OSX, you'll need Xcode with the command-line tools. Under Windows, you'll probably have to have Rtools (available from CRAN).

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