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"CSA" from Andrew V. Goldberg's Network Optimization Library

This is a mirror of CSA version 1.2. This tooling is a solver for weighted bipartite matchings. It is useful for finding solutions to instances of the Assignment Problem.

If you are intended to use this, you will probably also be interested in the add-on CSA-tools library.


Familiarity with the original publication (see "Resources" below) is useful. There are a couple of scripts to help with experimenting with things.

$ script/setup  # will clean and build all the relevant sources, run this before anything else

The script/run-graphs ruby script will generate one of four types of data, with the specified number of nodes, run the CSA-Q solver over that data, and deposit a matching file in the designated location:

$ script/run-graphs
RuntimeError: usage: script/run-graphs [high|low|fixed|dense] <nodecount> <output file>
$ time script/run-graphs high 100000 /tmp/flow.txt

Generating data from template in file [/tmp/template.txt]:

nodes 100000
sources 50000
degree 17
maxcost 100000000
seed 25774

Running CSA-Q solver on data file [/tmp/data.txt]:

===== Precise costs; Stack ordering; Quick minima; NUM_BEST = 3 =====
|>  n = 100000,  m = 850000,  sc_f = 10
|>   cost    -4536791433318,    time      0.600 seconds
|>   13 refines:     100%     1654286 relabelings
|>                   1004286 double pushes, 2658572 pushes
|>   439039 list rebuilds, 0 full scans, 1215247 avoided scans
Flow stored in output file: /tmp/output.flow moving to /tmp/flow.txt...

real	0m1.534s
user	0m1.404s
sys	0m0.127s

$ wc -l /tmp/flow.txt
50000 /tmp/flow.txt



  • CSA presumes that the graph provided contains a perfect matching. If no such matching exists the solver will either not terminate, or can produce a non-optimal matching. The CSA-tools repo contains tooling to automate the process of converting arbitrary weighted bipartite graphs into augmented graphs which always have a perfect matching (as well as running the CSA solver, and reducing the resulting perfect matching to a matching on the original graph.)
  • There appears to have been a CSA-1.2.1 linked from the network optimization library page but this code seems to have gone missing. Version 1.2 is mirrored here.
  • It appears that the CS2 software is also mirrored by another individual on GitHub (note this is not "version 2" of CSA, but a different tool).


Copyright notice(s) can be found in the file COPYRIGHT.