A utility toolkit for .NET development from Core to Web
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West Wind Toolkit

A rich library of utilities for Web and everyday development

Westwind.Utilities has moved

The latest version of the Westwind.Utilities subset of this library is now managed in a separate GitHub repository. All projects in this repo now reference the westwind.utilities NuGet package.

The West Wind Toolkit is a set of general purpose and Web Utility classes provided as easy to consume packages. The toolset is also available as source code so you can pick and choose functionality from the toolset if you only need individual features.

These utility classes and components provide key productivity in day to day Web development. Many of these tools and components have been published individually in articles and blog entries on this site and there have been many requests to publish them as a supported and consolidated library, which turned into this unified toolkit that is integrated, documented and fully supported. And it's all available with full source code so you can use all of it or just portions as needed.

More Information:

The main components of the West Wind Toolkit are:


The Westwind Toolkit library is an open source product licensed under MIT license, and there's no charge to use, integrate or modify the code for this project. You are free to use it in personal, commercial, government and any other type of application. Commercial licenses are also available.

All source code is copyright West Wind Technologies, regardless of changes made to them. Any source code modifications must leave the original copyright code headers intact.

Commercial Licenses

The libray is free, but if you prefer, you can also purchase a fully supported commercial license that allows for paid support options. There are two versions available:

Why buy a license?

Some organizations require a commercial license and support in order to integrate third party software tools into their products. The commercial license provides this level of licensing.

Buying a license also helps support this project and encourages further development and support. While we try to keep the project up to date on an as needed basis, even small financial incentives provide additional motivation to continue to improve and actively support this project. Think of it as a vote of confidence for continued support of the library.