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How to Rime with Squirrel

Instructions to build Squirrel - the Rime frontend for macOS

Manually build and install Squirrel


If you haven't already got the Xcode toolchain, install Xcode Command Line Tools:

xcode-select --install

Install dependencies with Homebrew:

Optional: set the USTC mirror to speed up the brew install process in mainland China.

# dev tools:
brew install cmake
brew install git

# libraries:
brew install boost

You can also install them with MacPorts:

port install cmake git
port install boost -no_static

If you've built Boost manually instead of installing it with Homebrew or MacPorts, please set BOOST_ROOT to its top level directory in the terminal.

Checkout the code

git clone --recursive

Build dependencies

Build librime, dependent third-party libraries and data files:

make deps

Build Squirrel


Install it on your Mac

Once built, you can install and try it live:

sudo make install

That's it. Thanks for riming with Squirrel.