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(ns ring.core.spec
(:require [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[clojure.spec.gen.alpha :as gen]
[clojure.string :as str]
[ring.core.protocols :as p]))
(defn- lower-case? [s]
(= s (str/lower-case s)))
(defn- trimmed? [s]
(= s (str/trim s)))
(defn- char-range [a b]
(map char (range (int a) (inc (int b)))))
(def ^:private lower-case-chars
(set (char-range \a \z)))
(def ^:private alphanumeric-chars
(set (concat (char-range \A \Z) (char-range \a \z) (char-range \0 \9))))
(def ^:private uri-chars
(into alphanumeric-chars #{\- \. \_ \~ \/ \+ \,}))
(def ^:private field-name-chars
(into alphanumeric-chars #{\! \# \$ \% \& \' \* \+ \- \. \^ \_ \` \| \~}))
(def ^:private whitespace-chars
#{(char 0x09) (char 0x20)})
(def ^:private visible-chars
(set (map char (range 0x21 (inc 0x7e)))))
(def ^:private obs-text-chars
(set (map char (range 0x80 (inc 0xff)))))
(def ^:private field-value-chars*
(into whitespace-chars visible-chars))
(def ^:private field-value-chars
(into field-value-chars* obs-text-chars))
(defn- field-name-chars? [s]
(every? field-name-chars s))
(defn- field-value-chars? [s]
(every? field-value-chars s))
(defn- gen-string [chars]
(gen/fmap str/join (gen/vector (gen/elements chars))))
(defn- gen-query-string []
(->> (gen/tuple (gen/not-empty (gen/string-alphanumeric)) (gen-string uri-chars))
(gen/fmap (fn [[k v]] (str k "=" v)))
(gen/fmap #(str/join "&" %))))
(defn- gen-method []
(gen/fmap keyword (gen/not-empty (gen-string lower-case-chars))))
(defn- gen-input-stream []
(gen/fmap #( %) (gen/bytes)))
(defn- gen-exception []
(gen/fmap (fn [s] (Exception. s)) (gen/string-alphanumeric)))
;; Internal
(s/def :ring.core/error
(-> #(instance? Throwable %) (s/with-gen gen-exception)))
(s/def :ring.http/field-name
(-> (s/and string? not-empty field-name-chars?)
(s/with-gen #(gen/not-empty (gen-string field-name-chars)))))
(s/def :ring.http/field-value
(-> (s/and string? field-value-chars? trimmed?)
(s/with-gen #(gen/fmap str/trim (gen-string field-value-chars*)))))
;; Request
(s/def :ring.request/server-port (s/int-in 1 65535))
(s/def :ring.request/server-name string?)
(s/def :ring.request/remote-addr string?)
(s/def :ring.request/uri
(-> (s/and string? #(str/starts-with? % "/"))
(s/with-gen (fn [] (gen/fmap #(str "/" %) (gen-string uri-chars))))))
(s/def :ring.request/query-string
(s/with-gen string? gen-query-string))
(s/def :ring.request/scheme #{:http :https})
(s/def :ring.request/request-method
(-> (s/and keyword? (comp lower-case? name))
(s/with-gen gen-method)))
(s/def :ring.request/protocol
(s/with-gen string? #(gen/return "HTTP/1.1")))
(s/def :ring.request/header-name
(-> (s/and :ring.http/field-name lower-case?)
(s/with-gen #(gen/fmap str/lower-case (s/gen :ring.http/field-name)))))
(s/def :ring.request/header-value :ring.http/field-value)
(s/def :ring.request/headers
(s/map-of :ring.request/header-name :ring.request/header-value))
(s/def :ring.request/body
(s/with-gen #(instance? %) gen-input-stream))
(s/def :ring/request
(s/keys :req-un [:ring.request/server-port
:opt-un [:ring.request/query-string
;; Response
(s/def :ring.response/status (s/int-in 100 600))
(s/def :ring.response/header-name :ring.http/field-name)
(s/def :ring.response/header-value
(s/or :one :ring.http/field-value :many (s/coll-of :ring.http/field-value)))
(s/def :ring.response/headers
(s/map-of :ring.response/header-name :ring.response/header-value))
(s/def :ring.response/body
(-> #(satisfies? p/StreamableResponseBody %)
(s/with-gen #(gen/one-of [(gen/return nil)
(gen/list (gen/string-ascii))
(s/def :ring/response
(s/keys :req-un [:ring.response/status
:opt-un [:ring.response/body]))
;; Handler
(s/def :ring.sync.handler/args
(s/cat :request :ring/request))
(s/def :ring.async.handler/args
(s/cat :request :ring/request
:respond (s/fspec :args (s/cat :response :ring/response) :ret any?)
:raise (s/fspec :args (s/cat :error :ring.core/error) :ret any?)))
(s/def :ring.sync.handler/ret :ring/response)
(s/def :ring.async.handler/ret any?)
(s/fdef :ring.sync/handler
:args :ring.sync.handler/args
:ret :ring.sync.handler/ret)
(s/fdef :ring.async/handler
:args :ring.async.handler/args
:ret :ring.async.handler/ret)
(s/def :ring.sync+async/handler
(s/and :ring.sync/handler
(s/def :ring/handler
(s/or :sync :ring.sync/handler
:async :ring.async/handler
:sync+async :ring.sync+async/handler))
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