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@mDuo13 mDuo13 released this May 2, 2016 · 2380 commits to develop since this release

rippled 0.30.0 has been released. The commit can be found on GitHub at:

Prior to building, please confirm you have the correct source tree with the git log command. The first log entry should be the change setting the version:

 commit a8859b495b552fe1eb140771f0f2cb32d11d2ac2
 Author: Vinnie Falco <>
 Date:   Wed Oct 21 18:26:02 2015 -0700

    Set version to 0.30.0

This release incorporates a number of important features, bugfixes and functional improvements. Please refer to the Git commit history for more detailed information.

Release Overview

As part of Ripple Labs’ ongoing commitment toward protocol security, the rippled team would like to release rippled 0.30.0.

Toolchain support

The minimum supported version of GCC used to compile rippled is v4.8. Please follow these instructions if you have not upgraded already.

While it may be possible to compile rippled on (virtual) machines with 4GB of RAM, we recommend compiling on (virtual) machines with 8GB of RAM or more. If your build machine has more than one CPU (grep '^processor' /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l), you can use them to assist in the build process by compiling with the command scons -j[number of CPUs - 1].

New Features

  • Honor markers in ledger_data requests (RIPD-1010).
  • New Amendment - TrustSetAuth (Not currently enabled) Create zero balance trust lines with auth flag (RIPD-1003): this allows a TrustSet transaction to create a trust line if the only thing being changed is setting the tfSetfAuth flag.
  • Randomize the initial transaction execution order for closed ledgers based on the hash of the consensus set (RIPD-961). Activates on October 27, 2015 at 11:00 AM PCT.
  • Differentiate path_find response (RIPD-1013).
  • Convert all of an asset (RIPD-655).


  • SHAMap improvements.
  • Upgrade SQLite from to
  • Limit the number of offers that can be consumed during crossing (RIPD-1026).
  • Remove unfunded offers on tecOVERSIZE (RIPD-1026).
  • Improve transport security (RIPD-1029): to take full advantage of the improved transport security, servers with a single, static public IP address should add it to their configuration file, as follows:


Development-Related Updates

  • Transitional support for gcc 5.2: to enable support define the environmental variable RIPPLED_OLD_GCC_ABI=1
  • Transitional support for C++ 14: to enable support define the environment variable RIPPLED_USE_CPP_14=1
  • Visual Studio 2015 support
  • Updates to integration tests
  • Add uptime to crawl data (RIPD-997)


For assistance, please contact

More information

For more information or assistance, the following resources will be of use:

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