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@mellery451 mellery451 released this Feb 13, 2019

The rippled 1.2.0 release introduces the MultisignReserve Amendment, which
reduces the reserve requirement associated with signer lists. This release also
includes incremental improvements to the code that handles offers. Furthermore,
rippled now also has the ability to automatically detect transaction
censorship attempts and issue warnings of increasing severity for transactions
that should have been included in a closed ledger after several rounds of

New and Updated Features

  • Reduce the account reserve for a Multisign SignerList (6572fc8)
  • Improve transaction error condition handling (4104778)
  • Allow servers to automatically detect transaction censorship attempts (945493d)
  • Load validator list from file (c1a0244)
  • Add RPC command shard crawl (17e0d09)
  • Add RPC Call unit tests (eeb9d92)
  • Grow the open ledger expected transactions quickly (7295cf9)
  • Avoid dispatching multiple fetch pack threads (4dcb3c9)
  • Remove unused function in AutoSocket.h (8dd8433)
  • Update TxQ developer docs (e14f913)
  • Add user defined literals for megabytes and kilobytes (cd1c5a3)
  • Make the FeeEscalation Amendment permanent (58f786c)
  • Remove undocumented experimental options from RPC sign (a96cb8f)
  • Improve RPC error message for fee command (af1697c)
  • Improve ledger_entry command’s inconsistent behavior (63e167b)

Bug Fixes

  • Accept redirects from validator list sites (7fe1d4b)
  • Implement missing string conversions for JSON (c0e9418)
  • Eliminate potential undefined behavior (c71eb45)
  • Add safe_cast to sure no overflow in casts between enums and integral types (a7e4541)
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