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* Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Citrix Systems Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
* by the Free Software Foundation; version 2.1 only. with the special
* exception on linking described in file LICENSE.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
* @group Main Loop and Start-up
module D=Debug.Debugger(struct let name="dbsync" end)
open D
open Client
(* Synchronising code which is specific to the master *)
(* create pool record (if master and not one already there) *)
let create_pool_record ~__context =
let pools = Db.Pool.get_all ~__context in
if pools=[] then
Db.Pool.create ~__context ~ref:(Ref.make()) ~uuid:(Uuid.to_string (Uuid.make_uuid()))
~name_label:"" ~name_description:"" ~master:(Helpers.get_localhost ~__context)
~default_SR:Ref.null ~suspend_image_SR:Ref.null ~crash_dump_SR:Ref.null
~ha_enabled:false ~ha_configuration:[] ~ha_statefiles:[]
~ha_host_failures_to_tolerate:0L ~ha_plan_exists_for:0L ~ha_allow_overcommit:false ~ha_overcommitted:false ~blobs:[] ~tags:[] ~gui_config:[]
~wlb_url:"" ~wlb_username:"" ~wlb_password:Ref.null ~wlb_enabled:false ~wlb_verify_cert:false
~redo_log_enabled:false ~redo_log_vdi:Ref.null ~vswitch_controller:"" ~restrictions:[]
let set_master_ip ~__context =
let ip =
match (Helpers.get_management_ip_addr ~__context) with
Some ip -> ip
| None ->
(error "Cannot read master IP address. Check the control interface has an IP address"; "") in
let host = Helpers.get_localhost ~__context in
Db.Host.set_address ~__context ~self:host ~value:ip
(* NB the master doesn't use the heartbeat mechanism to track its own liveness so we
must make sure that live starts out as true because it will never be updated. *)
let set_master_live ~__context =
let host = Helpers.get_localhost ~__context in
let metrics = Db.Host.get_metrics ~__context ~self:host in
debug "Setting to true for localhost";
Db.Host_metrics.set_live ~__context ~self:metrics ~value:true
let set_master_pool_reference ~__context =
let pool = List.hd (Db.Pool.get_all ~__context) in
Db.Pool.set_master ~__context ~self:pool ~value:(Helpers.get_localhost ~__context)
let set_pool_defaults ~__context =
(* If Pool.other_config has no cpuid_feature_mask_key yet, fill in the default. *)
let pool = List.hd (Db.Pool.get_all ~__context) in
let other_config = Db.Pool.get_other_config ~__context ~self:pool in
if not (List.mem_assoc Xapi_globs.cpuid_feature_mask_key other_config) then
Db.Pool.add_to_other_config ~__context ~self:pool
let refresh_console_urls ~__context =
(fun console ->
Helpers.log_exn_continue (Printf.sprintf "Updating console: %s" (Ref.string_of console))
(fun () ->
let vm = Db.Console.get_VM ~__context ~self:console in
let host = Db.VM.get_resident_on ~__context ~self:vm in
let address = Db.Host.get_address ~__context ~self:host in
let url_should_be = Printf.sprintf "https://%s%s?ref=%s" address Constants.console_uri (Ref.string_of console) in
Db.Console.set_location ~__context ~self:console ~value:url_should_be
) ()
) (Db.Console.get_all ~__context)
(** CA-15449: after a pool restore database VMs which were running on slaves now have dangling resident_on fields.
If these are control domains we destroy them, otherwise we reset them to Halted. *)
let reset_vms_running_on_missing_hosts ~__context =
List.iter (fun vm ->
let vm_r = Db.VM.get_record ~__context ~self:vm in
let valid_resident_on = Db.is_valid_ref __context vm_r.API.vM_resident_on in
if not valid_resident_on then begin
if vm_r.API.vM_is_control_domain then begin
info "Deleting control domain VM uuid '%s' ecause VM.resident_on refers to a Host which is nolonger in the Pool" vm_r.API.vM_uuid;
Db.VM.destroy ~__context ~self:vm
end else if vm_r.API.vM_power_state = `Running then begin
let msg = Printf.sprintf "Resetting VM uuid '%s' to Halted because VM.resident_on refers to a Host which is nolonger in the Pool" vm_r.API.vM_uuid in
info "%s" msg;
Helpers.log_exn_continue msg (fun () -> Xapi_vm_lifecycle.force_state_reset ~__context ~self:vm ~value:`Halted) ()
end) (Db.VM.get_all ~__context)
(** Release 'locks' on VMs in the Halted state: ie {VBD,VIF}.{currently_attached,reserved}
Note that the {allowed,current}_operations fields are non-persistent so blanked on *master* startup (not slave)
No allowed_operations are recomputed here: this work is performed later in a non-critical thread.
let release_locks ~__context =
(* non-running VMs should have their VBD.current_operations cleared: *)
let vms = List.filter (fun self -> Db.VM.get_power_state ~__context ~self = `Halted) (Db.VM.get_all ~__context) in
List.iter (fun vm ->
List.iter (fun self ->
Xapi_vbd_helpers.clear_current_operations ~__context ~self)
(Db.VM.get_VBDs ~__context ~self:vm)) vms;
(* Resets the current operations of all Halted VMs *)
List.iter (fun self -> Xapi_vm_lifecycle.force_state_reset ~__context ~self ~value:`Halted) vms;
(* All VMs should have their scheduled_to_be_resident_on field cleared *)
List.iter (fun self -> Db.VM.set_scheduled_to_be_resident_on ~__context ~self ~value:Ref.null)
(Db.VM.get_all ~__context)
let create_tools_sr __context =
Helpers.call_api_functions ~__context (fun rpc session_id ->
(* Creates a new SR and PBD record *)
(* N.b. dbsync_slave is called _before_ this, so we can't rely on the PBD creating code in there
to make the PBD for the shared tools SR *)
let create_magic_sr name description _type content_type device_config sr_other_config shared =
let sr =
(* Check if it already exists *)
List.hd (Client.SR.get_by_name_label rpc session_id name)
with _ ->
let sr =
Client.SR.introduce ~rpc ~session_id ~uuid:(Uuid.to_string (Uuid.make_uuid()))
~_type ~content_type ~shared ~sm_config:[] in
Client.SR.set_other_config ~rpc ~session_id ~self:sr ~value:sr_other_config;
end in
(* Master has created this shared SR, lets make PBDs for all of the slaves too. Nb. device-config is same for all hosts *)
let hosts = Db.Host.get_all ~__context in
List.iter (fun host -> ignore (Create_storage.maybe_create_pbd rpc session_id sr device_config host)) hosts
(* Create XenSource Tools ISO, if an SR with this name is not already there: *)
let tools_srs = List.filter (fun sr -> Helpers.is_tools_sr ~__context ~sr) (Db.SR.get_all ~__context) in
if tools_srs = [] then
create_magic_sr Xapi_globs.miami_tools_sr_name
"XenServer Tools ISOs"
"iso" "iso"
["location", Xapi_globs.tools_sr_dir; "legacy_mode", "true"]
[Xapi_globs.xensource_internal, "true";
Xapi_globs.tools_sr_tag, "true";
Xapi_globs.i18n_key, "xenserver-tools";
(Xapi_globs.i18n_original_value_prefix ^ "name_label"),
(Xapi_globs.i18n_original_value_prefix ^ "name_description"),
"XenServer Tools ISOs"]
let create_tools_sr_noexn __context = Helpers.log_exn_continue "creating tools SR" create_tools_sr __context
let ensure_vm_metrics_records_exist __context =
List.iter (fun vm ->
let m = Db.VM.get_metrics ~__context ~self:vm in
if not(Db.is_valid_ref __context m) then begin
info "Regenerating missing VM_metrics record for VM %s" (Ref.string_of vm);
let m = Ref.make () in
let uuid = Uuid.to_string (Uuid.make_uuid ()) in
Db.VM_metrics.create ~__context ~ref:m ~uuid
~vCPUs_utilisation:[] ~memory_actual:0L
~state: []
~last_updated:(Date.of_float 0.)
Db.VM.set_metrics ~__context ~self:vm ~value:m
) (Db.VM.get_all __context)
let ensure_vm_metrics_records_exist_noexn __context = Helpers.log_exn_continue "ensuring VM_metrics flags exist" ensure_vm_metrics_records_exist __context
(* Update the database to reflect current state. Called for both start of day and after
an agent restart. *)
let update_env __context =
debug "creating root user";
Create_misc.create_root_user ~__context;
debug "creating pool record";
create_pool_record ~__context;
set_master_pool_reference ~__context;
set_master_ip ~__context;
set_master_live ~__context;
set_pool_defaults ~__context;
(* CA-15449: when we restore from backup we end up with Hosts being forgotten and VMs
marked as running with dangling resident_on references. We delete the control domains
and reset the rest to Halted. *)
reset_vms_running_on_missing_hosts ~__context;
(* Resets all Halted VMs to a known good state *)
release_locks ~__context;
(* Cancel tasks that were running on the master - by setting host=None we consider all tasks
in the db for cancelling *)
Cancel_tasks.cancel_tasks_on_host ~__context ~host_opt:None;
(* Update the SM plugin table *)
Xapi_sm.on_xapi_start ~__context;
create_tools_sr_noexn __context;
(* If we did actually create a tools sr in the previous call,
the cache will be incorrect. This is because the SR is
introduced before the magic flag marking it as a tools SR
is set. A side effect of the introduction is to calculate
its allowed operations, which calls 'is_tools_sr', which
returns false, and that result is cached. The simplest fix
is to just clear the cache, which we do here. *)
Helpers.clear_tools_sr_cache ();
ensure_vm_metrics_records_exist_noexn __context
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