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{% load i18n %}
{% if records %}
<th>{% trans "Level" %}</th>
<th>{% trans "Time" %}</th>
<th>{% trans "Channel" %}</th>
<th>{% trans "Message" %}</th>
<th>{% trans "Location" %}</th>
{% for record in records %}
<tr class="{% cycle 'djDebugOdd' 'djDebugEven' %}">
<td>{{ record.level }}</td>
<td>{{ record.time|date:"h:i:s m/d/Y" }}</td>
<td>{{|default:"-" }}</td>
<td>{{ record.message }}</td>
<td>{{ record.file }}:{{ record.line }}</td>
{% endfor %}
{% else %}
<p>{% trans "No messages logged" %}.</p>
{% endif %}
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