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GIF MD5 hashquine

GIF MD5 hashquine by Rogdham

$ md5sum rogdham_gif_md5_hashquine.gif
22d058dd8aad588cadeadf33e6c9977e  rogdham_gif_md5_hashquine.gif

What is a hashquine?

“Hashquine” is a term coined by foone meaning “file that show their own hash”.

Wait, I thought someone made one before

Indeed! spq created a GIF MD5 hashquine before, but I did not know at that time.

How did you do it?

Please read my detailed write up or look at the source code use to generate it.

What about the licence?

The GIF file is released under the CC0 licence, as seen in the strings of the file:

$ strings -n 20 rogdham_gif_md5_hashquine.gif
Copyheart Rogdham, 2017
<3 Copying is an act of love. Please copy and share.
Released under the CC0 1.0 universel licence

The source code is also released under the CC0 licence, making it a free software. See the header of each file for more information. Use at your own risks, if possible for good or interesting things.