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Dealing with Browser-Extension Exceptions

For most websites, the path for dealing with browser extension originating exceptions is simply to:

  1. Identify the presence of problematic browser extensions
  2. Disable Rollbar.js's reporting

Dealing with adblockers

The most common type of extension that can be problematic is adblockers. These extensions can disable loading certain external scripts or remove elements from a page based on a simple set of heuristics.

You can see a full example for details, but the approach can best summarized as below:

Load Rollbar.js as normal.

<script src="/assets/js/rollbar.js"></script>

  var _rollbarConfig = {
    captureUncaught: true,
    payload: {
      environment: 'development',

Add an html element with "bait" class names to be removed by adblockers.

<!-- bait for adblocker like addons.  If they remove this div, we should disable error reporting -->
<div id="blocker-bait" style="height: 1px; width: 1px; position: absolute; left: -999em; top: -999em"
     class="ads ad adsbox doubleclick ad-placement carbon-ads"></div>

Add functions to check for the presence and visibility of our bait div.

  function disableRollbar() {
    Rollbar.configure({enabled: false});

  function checkForAds() {
    var bait = document.getElementById("blocker-bait");

    if (bait == null) {

    var baitStyles = window.getComputedStyle(bait);
    if (baitStyles && (
        baitStyles.getPropertyValue('display') === 'none' ||
        baitStyles.getPropertyValue('visibility') === 'hidden')) {

  function onLoadStartAdCheck() {
    // Ad blockers generally execute just after load, let's delay ourselves to get behind it.
    setTimeout(checkForAds, 1);

  if (window.addEventListener !== undefined) {
    window.addEventListener('load', onLoadStartAdCheck, false);
  } else {
    window.attachEvent('onload', onLoadStartAdCheck);

The above approach is likely to work in the majority of cases, but it is not foolproof. Extensions and their behavior evolve over time and nothing stops a user from opening their console and modifying / executing code as well. A practical approach involves incrementally adjusting your detection as new exceptions occur in large numbers.