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This is the JAAS configuration file used by the Shibboleth IdP.
A JAAS configuration file is a grouping of LoginModules defined in the following manner:
<LoginModuleClass> <Flag> <ModuleOptions>;
LoginModuleClass - fully qualified class name of the LoginModule class
Flag - indicates whether the requirement level for the modules;
allowed values: required, requisite, sufficient, optional
ModuleOptions - a space delimited list of name="value" options
For complete documentation on the format of this file see:
For LoginModules available within the Sun JVM see:
Warning: Do NOT use Sun's JNDI LoginModule to authentication against an LDAP directory,
Use the LdapLoginModule that ships with Shibboleth and is demonstrated below.
Note, the application identifier MUST be ShibUserPassAuth
ShibUserPassAuth {
// Example LDAP authentication
// See:
edu.vt.middleware.ldap.jaas.LdapLoginModule required
// Example Kerberos authentication, requires Sun's JVM
// See:
/* required