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# Developed by Roman Arkharov, 04.2013
This file is a test client for Quickpong server. Main client is written on ActionScript 3.0 for
humans gamers.
The goal of this client is a performance test of Quickpong server. This client emulates actions of
main AS client.
Don't forget to set correct value for max_clients variable.
If set 1 and no other users online, then you can play game against the simple AI :))
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.internet.protocol import Protocol, ClientFactory
from twisted.internet.task import LoopingCall
import simplejson as json
host = ''
port = 10080
max_clients = 500
#max_clients = 1
class QuickpongTestClient():
def __init__(self):
print 'QuickpongTestClient init'
def init_client(self, client, addr):
# client is an instance of class QuickpongTestProtocol()
client.port = addr.port =
client.type = addr.type
client.addr = addr = []
client.status = 'waiting'
client.position = '' # left or right board
client.frame = 0
self.client = client
print 'added client %s' % (addr)
def work_with_server(self):
ball_y_id = 2
if self.client.position == 'left':
board_y_id = 7
board_y_id = 8
if[board_y_id] + 50 >[ball_y_id]:
delta_y = -20
delta_y = 20
data_for_send = [self.client.position, delta_y, self.client.frame]
#print data_for_send
self.client.frame += 1
def on_data_received(self, raw_data):
local_data = raw_data.replace('\x00', '')
if 'Your game is stopped' in local_data:
local_data = 'Your game is stopped'
elif '][' in local_data:
# Take last item if received several items in one data packet
local_data = local_data.replace('][', ']+++[')
local_data = local_data.split('+++')
local_data = local_data[len(local_data) - 1]
if self.client.status == 'waiting' and local_data != 'prestart':
self.client.client_id = local_data
print 'client_id %s' % (local_data,)
elif self.client.status == 'waiting' and local_data == 'prestart':
self.client.status = 'ready'
elif self.client.status == 'ready':
self.client.status = 'working' = json.loads(local_data)
if[0] == 'start-1':
self.client.position = 'left'
self.client.position = 'right' = LoopingCall(self.work_with_server)
elif self.client.status == 'working' and local_data != 'Your game is stopped':
#print local_data = json.loads(local_data)
elif self.client.status == 'working' and local_data == 'Your game is stopped':
print 'client %s disabled' % (self.client.client_id)
# recreate tester
del self
reactor.connectTCP(host, port, QuickpongTestClientFactory())
# here client receives from server data array with ball and boards coordinates
#print 'unhandled data %s, current status %s' % (data, self.client.status)
class QuickpongTestProtocol(Protocol):
Object of this class is an item of dictionary clients in QuickpongTestClient()
def dataReceived(self, data):
def writeData(self, data):
class QuickpongTestClientFactory(ClientFactory):
protocol = QuickpongTestProtocol
def buildProtocol(self, addr):
print 'Test client %s connected to server.' % (addr,)
p = self.protocol()
p.test_client = QuickpongTestClient()
p.test_client.init_client(p, addr)
return p
def clientConnectionLost(self, connector, reason):
print 'Lost connection. Reason:', reason
def clientConnectionFailed(self, connector, reason):
print 'Connection failed. Reason:', reason
# Run QuickpongTestClientFactory() N times. This factory creates N instances of class QuickpongTestProtocol()
# with name "protocol" and attaches instance of QuickpongTestClient() to protocol object
# Every instance of QuickpongTestClient() emulates user actions: receives data from server, process it and send
# responses to server. Data sends to server evey 0,2 seconds through the LoopingCall.
for i in range(0, max_clients):
reactor.connectTCP(host, port, QuickpongTestClientFactory())