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Compose is an F# scripting library for sound generation and composition.
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Compost is an F# interactive scripting library for sound generation and composition. It is part of my FsAdvent 2019 contribution. The blog post is located here (TODO).


  • Install paket: dotnet tool install --global Paket
  • Run paket install
  • Use VsCode, Visual Studio or Rider to execute the code in F# interactive

Playing around

Have a look at the examples:

  • src/0_localStateDemo.fsx
  • src/1_playSimpleSinus.fsx
  • src/MAIN_audioDemo.fsx

When you want to make your own experiments based on the core code (located in src/lib), you should add the following code to your own fsx file:

#load "./lib/playback.fsx"

open Core
open Blocks
open Playback
open Compose
open Notes

open Microsoft.FSharp.Data.UnitSystems.SI.UnitSymbols

// here you go...


Currently, I use the CsCore library that depends on .Net Framework and Windows, so Mac and Linux users have to work around using something else (please excuse).

Have fun and Mery Christmas!

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