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Proposed Stages
a) skeleton class
- with new configuration format static PDO_DataObject::$config[....]
- with constants.
PDO_DataObject::INT etc...
- connect => PDO()
- globals replacements
CONFIG:: -> PDO_DataObject::$config
RESULTS:: ?? not needed? << use private $_result
RESULTSEQ:: ?? not needed...
RESULTFIELDS:: probably not needed - info available from $_result->fields
CONNECTIONS:: PDO_DataObject::$connections
INI:: PDO_DataObject::$ini
LINKS:: PDO_DataObject::$links
SEQUENCE:: PDO_DataObject::$sequence ??? -- cache of sequence keys (modifyable)
CACHE removed -- part of staticGet? - should we remove this?
OVERLOADED -- removed
QUERYENDTIME -- stored in $this->_result->time_query_end;
debug - callinging LoadConfig with 'debug' - sets self::$debug (not stored in self::$config['debug'])
- utilFunctions
dbType $pdo->getAttribute(PDO::ATTR_DRIVER_NAME); -- not needed, just do this...
connect method ::PDO()
Target:END OF WEEK 1 (est. 2 days) - COMPLETED
b) PDO_DataObjects_Introspection
databaseStructure -- all conditions except plain 'ini'
- may require sub 'versions' PDO_DataObjects_Introspection_Mysql .. Pgsql .. msql .. sqlite (maybe others from DB)
- implementations of
$do = new PDO_DataObjects( array( 'table' => 'test', 'database' => 'xxxx' )); ?? for testing only?
or new PDO_DataObjects('xxxx/test');
$x = new PDO_DataObjects_Introspection($do);
== do a test of all the methods... - based on dummy $pdo ?
-- these tests are not relivant to compatibility..
-- errors?
-- ini file does not exist in paths.
Target:END OF WEEK 3 (est. 4 days) - COMPLETED
c) Query / fetch methods of PDO_DataObject
-- needed for generator?
modifyLimitQuery (used by find() , delete() and
escape() // uses DB->escapeSimple DONE... (PDO::quote
limit() - so we can test modifylimitQuery
-- make sure simple fake tests work...
Target:END OF WEEK 4 (est. 2 days) - COMPLETED
d) Generator
- creating .ini files / generating code etc...
* start - DONE
* databaseStructureProxy -- from previous work.
* _readTableList - DONE - need test
* _readForeignKeys - DONE - need test
* generateINI - DONE - need test (was generateDefinitions)
* _generateClassTable($oldcontents) -- PHP ?
_generateDefinitionsTable(); << converts the 'table def' into a 'standard'?
_generateDefaultsFunction($this->table, $def['table']);
// empty functions - to add comments etc.. above code.
fillTableSchema << used by databaseStructureProxy
** what does it do?
- converts schema from database into
with columns
with indexes (foriegn keys etc)
- uses that information to generate
INI files
LINK files
PHP code
Table Introspecton
- now outputs Foreign key information (pgsql - tested)
New Generator methods
start() - as before...
toIni / toPHP / toLinksIni etc...
== do a test of all the methods... - based on dummy $pdo ?
-- tests can be run against old + new...
-- these tests should generate compatible code.
Target:END OF WEEK 6 (est. 4 days) - COMPLETED
e) PDO_DataObject class
* factory DONE
* databases[] set, but no database - should scan ini to determine which db to use... DONE
* loadClass DONE (private) was _autoloadClass
* get() DONE
* pid() DONE
* where() = new 'chained version' DONE
* whereAdd() DONE (tested as part of where...)
* whereIn() = new 'chained version' DONE
* whereAddIn() DONE (tested as part of whereIn...)
* orderBy() DONE
* groupBy() DONE
* having() DONE
* unionAdd() DONE (part of union)
* union() = new 'chained verison' DONE
* limit() DONE (part of modify Limit Query)
* select/selectAdd DONE
* selectAs DONE
* toSelectSQL() (was _build_select) -> DONE (part of all above tests..)
* find() DONE
* support for un-buffered mysql queries?? DONE
* fetch() DONE
* fetchAll() DONE / tested by earlier code ??
* fetchall(CALLABLE) same as foreach, but runs a method on each object... DONE
* fetchall(false,true) associative with key==pid()
* fetchall(false,COLNAME) associative with key==COLNAME
* fetchAllAssoc() DONE - alias to fetchAll(false,false,true);
* insert() DONE
-- emulated sequence are not supported at present!!
* update() DONE
* delete() DONE
* count() DONE
* load() DONE chainable get
* save() DONE generic update/insert
* snapshot() DONE (this is auto called on load()) ...
* NULL/cast? values in INSERT/UPDATE - DONE
* keys() DONE tested as part of insert/update...
* sequenceKey() DONE tested as part of insert/update...
* whereToString() (was _build_condition) DONE testing as part of select/selectAdd..
* sqlValue() - DONE
* PDO_DataObject_Cast ( $DB == PDO object...) DONE
* setFrom() DONE
* set() << chained version of setFrom? DONE
* fromValue() DONE
* toArray() DONE
* formatValue() DONE - was toValue() (date formating is not compatible)
* validate() DONE moved to seperate class...
* raise (was raiseError) -- DONE - tests all over the place......
* joinAdd() DONE
* autoJoin() DONE
* links() DONE
* tableColumns() - was table() DONE tested as part of insert/update...
* link DONE
* applyLinks DONE / DEPRICATED - not testing
* linkArray DONE / DEPRICATED - not testing
PDO_DataObject_Links ( ) DONE
* PDO_DataObject_Exception ( ) DONE - tested most places..
--- > *
* config DONE / NEEDS TESTING - of various settings...
needs fake DB and PDO objects
test both DB_DAtaObject and PDO_DataObject for compatibility
test settings like compatibilitylevel (eg. lowercase everything)
test settings like null???
test of query conditions
test of fetch all/fetch
test of update
test return values of sequencekey
Existing tests
bug6953 = last row fetch of joined query (have column data)
simple.phpt - split into small tests (use fakedb)
Target:END OF WEEK 8 (est. 4 days)
Namespaces?? autoloading? packaging
autoloading: in general we still prefer require_once however make the code compatible with class_exists...
class_exists(...) ? '': require_once '....'; <<
For namespacing - we will not bother at this point, I'd rather go with some 'automated' code parse to convert it to
namespaces.. - could be PDO\DataObject ? not much real benefit though at present...
Plan is to propose to PEAR? although we can set up a pear channel easily
probably also include a composer file.
Migrating DataObjects to use PDO
?? change to PDO_DataObject ??? in theory DB_DataObject extends PDO_DataObjects can be used to support it?
** replaces DB as the backend?
Testing strategy
Develop a test plan
* using phpt
* how can we compare 'old' Dataobjects to 'new' one?
* for the tests running against the old version? - support fake 'DB'?
* add an extra setting (unittest={fake pdo object})
- so any pdo work uses the fake pdo object if in unittest mode..
Run throught of DataObject.php
-> use of result->fetchRow() (query and statement object in pdo)
-> catching of end of results.
-> clearing resultfields
-> in theory it could fetch into the object.?? = however we covert '.' to '_' ... may be an issue in some scenarios?
-> quoteIdentifier
-> determine Dbtype ( for empty insert)
-> quoteIdentifier
-> sequence inserts and setOption seqname_format..... ??
-> dbtype - used to deterime method to get inserted id
-- sequence handling?? see config options? is there anything more we do about sequences relating to pear?
-> quoteIdentifier
-> quoteIdentifier
-> modifyLimitQuery / setLimit ??
-> quoteIdentifier
-> result->fetchRow
-> escapeSimple
_quote (is this still used?) - it says private?
-> quotesmart?
_connect ....
-> change over to PDO...
-> connection options??? -- check what we use?
-> transaction begin / autocommit? PDO::beginTransaction
-> query/exec
-> set 'N' using result->numRows()
-> return $DB->affectedRows(); if insert/update etc...
-> quoteIdentifier
joinAdd / autoJoin -- move code to PDO_DataObject_Join()
toArray - needs resultfields - to determine fields that where returned..
-> ?? depricate link_loaded?? - it's so not recomended to use this.
Things that need implementations (not really provided by PDO?)
dbtype - standard PDO call...
-- Pro/Cons on splitting this - it's called quite a bit.. so basically esential to operations.
--- contains quite a bit of code
** we could go on the principle, that anything that relates to 'real instrospection goes in it' - and move new getListof stuff
** then if stuff is cached, then we can not call it...
** if you are being clever and using the keys() -> to set data -> then use the extra class..
** basically the base class should provide 90% usages without loading the introspection...
-> ?? move to DataObject_Introspection?
-> DB->getListOf('tables')
(( calls generator
??? do we factory/ctor
keys() -- introspection??
table() -- introspection?
links() -- introspection?
databaseStructure() -> introspection..
_call (move to DB_DataObject_Overload.... )
fromValue/toValue ? used by call really, but are kind of usefull?
Other Changes
-> move globals -> static instances props..
-> constants to -> object constants..
storing resultobject in DO?? - how does that affect print_r ?
?? overload support ??
-- removed - in theory you can just wrap dataobjects, and add the two methods....
** we can remove _call and why is __sleep defined as it is??
-> ?? should we even support this??? depricate?
** change constants to refer to PDO object...
** needs knowledge of database type (from 'db')
DB_DataObject_Error->PDO_DataObject_Error -- trivial changes
DB_DataObject_Links->PDO_DataObject_Error -- minor changes
** needs access to dbtype.
-> getListOf('scshema.tables'); or getListOf('tables');
-> $__DB->getListOf(is_string($options['build_views']) ?
$options['build_views'] : 'views');
-> runs queries to seleect various details for postgres...
Configuration / settings..
All configuration will be
-- defaults values set where possible.
-- avoid 'empty' checks in code where possible.
-- we can document configuration options in there...
?? config? -
- reduce empty checks / set defaults on config values, so that we can just check booleans.
DB portability -- lowercase ?? and other stuff???
database -> new format?
need to support 'username' & 'password' ?
db_driver << not needed anymore..
dont_use_pear_sequences <<??? need to work out how this affects our code.!?!?
New Methods
reset() - not for general usage.. - clears all 'cached' db connections?? - does not clear
Backward Compatibility Breaks. / removed features..
configuration - no longer uses PEAR::getStaticProperty use PDO_DataObject::config(array(....));
getDatabaseConnection() removed -- use PDO() - however API is different... (IMPORTANT)
getDatabaseResult() - renamed - result() - returns a different object....
database() - renamed databaseNickname -
as it is not guarenteed to be the actually database name you can get the real database name using
( PDO()->dsn[database_name]
table() - renamed to tableColumns()
factory() - without arguments will not work (PHP change) - use factorySelf()
staticGet -- removed? - create your own cache layer .. it's pretty trivial.
fetchRow -- removed (use PDO()->fetch(...))
links() - previously calling it with arguments set the global links for that object.
It now only set's it for that instance, use
link() - second argument can not be an array (not sure why that was ever supported - it just read the first item in the array?!?
getLink - removed - used link()
getLinkArray - renamed - linkArray()
getLinks - renamed - applyLinks()
Private methods removed/renamed..
_connect() -> public PDO()
$do->_database_dsn - removed - this was a security hole wating to fail... (Accidental print_r's etc...)
$do->_DB_resultid removed
$do->_lastError - removed - ?? Not sure if this is every used anymore..
config changes
debug_ignore_updates << removed. use config[PDO] == {fake PDO}
sequence_***** << no longer used - override sequenceKey()
ignore_sequence_keys << no longer used - override sequenceKey()
dont_use_pear_sequences << not relivant..
links_**** not used
ini_**** not used - use schema_location[database] = .....
keep_query_after_fetch = removed - behaviour was inconsistant - and unpredictable... (just clone before find/fetch)
-- Debug Levels
1 - basic QUERY and results.
2 - Timers
3 - Detail returned data
4 - Full connection details (including DSN with password)
- use 'prepared' statements rather than constructing the SQL
** this may be problematic as methods may need changing... like 'whereAdd' etc...
** hence postpone this and ignore at present.