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Send Laravel notifications as a Nexmo phone call
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This package provides a notification channel for the Laravel framework that works with Nexmo's voice API, allowing text-to-speech phone calls. It also provides a fluent interface to construct your message content.


You can install the package via Composer:

composer require roomies/nexmo-voice-channel

Under the hood we use nexmo/nexmo-laravel to configure Nexmo. This is the same package used by Laravel's first-party Nexmo notification channel. However, in order to make voice calls you need to provide additional credentials in your environment. Note that the private key can be a string or path to the key file.


Then add your call from number and voice to config/services.php under the nexmo key. You can review the available voices in the Nexmo documentation.

'nexmo' => [
    'call_from' => env('NEXMO_CALL_FROM'),
    'call_voice' => env('NEXMO_CALL_VOICE', 'Kimberly'),


Simply route a notification through the VoiceChannel and return a formatted message from the toVoice method. You use a string with your own Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) or use the the included wrapper API to build up your message.

use Roomies\NexmoVoiceChannel\Markup\Message;
use Roomies\NexmoVoiceChannel\Markup\SayAs;
use Roomies\NexmoVoiceChannel\Markup\Sentence;
use Roomies\NexmoVoiceChannel\NexmoVoiceChannel;

 * Get the notification's delivery channels.
 * @param  mixed  $notifiable
 * @return array
public function via($notifiable)
    return [NexmoVoiceChannel::class];

 * Get the voice representation of the notification.
 * @param  mixed  $notifiable
 * @return \Roomies\NexmoVoiceChannel\Markup\Message
public function toVoice($notifiable)
    return new Message([
        new Sentence('Hi, thanks for joining Roomies.'),
        new Sentence([
            'Your verification code is',
            new SayAs('ABC123')->interpretAs('spell-out')


There are a handful of different markup types available to get the right message you're after. Here are some additional examples, otherwise browse src/Markup to see all the available options.

new Paragraph([
    new Sentence('This is the first sentence of a paragraph.'),

new Sentence([
    (new Pause)->time('1s'),
    (new Prosody('Wake up!'))->volume('loud'),
    (new Substitution(
        (new SayAs('US'))->interpretAs('spell-out'),
    ))->alias('United States'),


Alternatively, you're free to just return your own SSML markup as a string. This gives you complete control if you need something more custom or have more complex requirements.

 * Get the voice representation of the notification.
 * @param  mixed  $notifiable
 * @return string
public function toVoice($notifiable)
    return '<speak>
        <s>Hi, thanks for joining Roomies</s>
        <s>Your verification code is <say-as interpret-as="spell-out">ABC123</say-as></s>


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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