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# build & test configuration
language: python
- "2.7"
- ROOT=5.34.05
- ROOT=5.32.04
# Use system python, not virtualenv, because building the dependencies from source takes too long
- deactivate # the virtualenv
# Needed because sometimes travis' repositories get out of date
#- time sudo apt-get update -qq
# Install the dependencies we need
- time sudo apt-get install -qq python-numpy python-nose python-sphinx python-pexpect python-mongoengine
# Note: we don't install the web packages with apt-get because this resulted
# in version conflicts on travis-ci for WebOB:
# python-pyramid python-magic python-markdown python-weberror python-pastewebkit
- sudo pip install pep8
# Install a ROOT binary that we custom-built in a 64-bit Ubuntu VM
# for the correct Python / ROOT version
- time wget --no-check-certificate${ROOT}_Python_${TRAVIS_PYTHON_VERSION}.tar.gz
- time tar zxf root_v${ROOT}_Python_${TRAVIS_PYTHON_VERSION}.tar.gz
- source root_v${ROOT}_Python_${TRAVIS_PYTHON_VERSION}/bin/
# Install WebOOT and dependencies
- python install --user
# Check if root and PyROOT work ok
- time root -l -q
- time python -c 'import ROOT; ROOT.TBrowser()'
# Check that rootpy can be imported
- time python -c 'import rootpy'
# What if ROOT already been initialized
- time python -c "from ROOT import kTRUE; import rootpy"
# Give user write access to shared memory to make multiprocessing semaphares work
- ls -la /dev/shm
- sudo rm -rf /dev/shm && sudo ln -s /run/shm /dev/shm
#- sudo chmod a+w /dev/shm
- ls -la /dev/shm
# Check if weboot import works
- python -c 'import weboot'
# Check if building the docs works
- cd docs
- sphinx-apidoc ../weboot/ -o api
- make html
# TODO: run weboot unit tests
- cd ..
- python weboot/
# Check PEP 8 compliance
- make pep8