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Get scholarly metadata from around the web.
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rmetadata: access to scholarly metadata on the web.

Data sources


The functions prefixed with md_* are ones that interact with OAI-PMH metadata.

You can access all the data sources in the OAI-PMH list of metadata providers, in addition to some sources not on that list (more are available):

Documentation for OAI-PMH in general here.


UPDATE on 2014-10-23: We're working on a separate package for DataCite = rdatacite that tworks with their RESTful search API. We moved the DataCite functions out of this package, but may add rdatacite as an import later if needed. You can still search on DataCite metadata via OAI-PMH in this package.


UPDATE on 2014-10-23: Crossref is now in a separate package rcrossref

Digital Public Library of America

UPDATE on 2014-10-28: DPLA is in a separate packge rdpla - but not quite useable yet.

Metadata from the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). They have a great API with good documentation - a rare thing in this world. Further documentation on their API can be found on their search fields and examples of queries.

See below for examples...


UPDATE on 2014-10-28: Europeana functions now in a separate package reuropeana


Microsoft Academic Search

Microsoft is no longer supporting the Academic Research API...



Install rmetadata from GitHub:



Search metadata from the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).

dpla_basic(q="fruit", verbose=TRUE, fields=c("publisher","format"))

Visualize metadata from the DPLA - histogram of number of subjects per record

# Get results from searching on the terme ecology
out <- dpla_basic(q="ecology", fields=c("publisher","subject"), limit=90)
dpla_plot(input=out, plottype = "subjectsum")

Visualize metadata from the DPLA - timeline plot of the top 10 encountered subjects

# Serching for the term science from before the year 1900
out <- dpla_basic(q="science", date.before=1900, limit=200)
dpla_plot(input=out, plottype="subjectsbydate")


  • Please report any issues or bugs.
  • License: MIT
  • Get citation information for rdatacite in R doing citation(package = 'rdatacite')


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