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Example Rossum connector extension with a simple check
JavaScript Dockerfile
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Example JavaScript Elis connector

Example Elis connector that implements a simple check. It parses annotation structure and extracts field values (tax values and a total tax). Then it checks that values match and returns a warning message if not.

It expects following schema structure:


Connector setup

You can use elisctl tool to configure an Elis queue to use the connector.

Create the connector first:

	 elisctl connector create "JavaScript Example Connector" --service-url http://hostname:5000 --auth-token wuNg0OenyaeK4eenOovi7aiF

In the response, you will receive the ID of the connector. Next, choose an existing queue and deploy the connector to it:

	 elisctl queue change 29582 --connector-id 1506

Or create a new queue and attach the connector to it:

	 elisctl queue create "JavaScript Connector Queue" --connector-id 1506 -s schema.json

You can also configure the connector using our API directly.

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