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eLab Report Generator

1st year : PDD

2nd year : Java, ADA (CSE & IT)

3rd year : Computing Skill (C, C++, Java, DS, MathsLab, Python)


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Local usage

  • Run command make for Linux / macOS

  • Run run.bat on Windows

  • Go to localhost:5000

Allow upto 10 mins even on a very fast connection.

Cloud usage (Recommended)

  • Directly goto this Colab Notebook.

  • Sign Up / Sign In before proceeding with any changes

  • At the beginning of code-cell-1, replace USERNAME, PASSWORD, ELAB with your respective eLab credentials.

  • Hit or Shift + Enter. Scroll down to view progress.

  • Again hit or Shift + Enter for code-cell-2 to download the generated PDF.

Google Colab is an entirely free cloud platform!

Demo Web App (allows upto 5 questions / report)


This project repository was made for personal use and will not be maintained by the original owners further. Feel free to fork the repository and make changes corresponding to your eLab to improve support. Some pending work can be :

  • Rewrite the entire web application asynchronously
  • Package the web application also as a native app
  • Added support for multiple eLabs
  • Cloud-hosted with full support on Heroku / PythonAnywhere / AWS
  • Click-and-go : Allow user to be notified and PDF emailed when report generation is complete

Current Maintainers

rounakdatta, harshithmohan, catthatcodes