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Performance testing for pushd

Simple performance testing setup using HTTP push service:

  1. Configuration:
  • Enable http push server in
  • Configure the number and frequency of generated messages by editing settings() method
  1. Start the pushd server: node server.js
  2. Start test performance listener: node statsserver.js
  3. Start traffic generator: python

Traffic generator sends push notifications at a configurable rate.

The frequency of notifications and the number of subscribers can be configured by editing the function settings() in

pushd process is expected be running on localhost on port 5000 (configurable by PUSHD_SERVER variable in

By default, creates random HTTP POST subscribers as the receivers of the notifications. The HTTP push service must be enabled in pushd's

Statistics collector

statsserver.js is a node.js server that can receive HTTP POST notifications generated by and display some statistics of the received notifications.