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Getting started with OAuth for RSpace

As of RSpace 1.66, only the 'password' grant flow is supported. This requires an initial token grant using username/password credentials.

Registering a client app as an OAuth app developer

Open your RSpace instance, and follow these steps:

  1. Click on "My RSpace"
  2. Click on "My Profile"
  3. Click on "Show Created OAuth Apps"
  4. Click on the plus sign to add a new OAuth app
  5. A pop-up dialog will appear, enter the name for your app, click next
  6. You will be shown a client ID and a client secret. Write down the client secret as it will not be available once the pop-up dialog is closed.

Now, anyone on this particular RSpace instance can acquire access/refresh tokens if they have the client ID and the client secret.

Getting the access tokens

This follows standard OAuth 'password' grant flow.

To acquire a token:

export USERNAME="username"\

curl -X POST -Fgrant_type="password" -Fclient_id="$CLIENT_ID" \
 -Fclient_secret="$CLIENT_SECRET" -Fusername="$USERNAME" \
 -Fpassword="$PASSWORD" "$RSPACE_URL/oauth/token"

This call will return the access token, refresh tokens and a duration, in seconds, for the validity of the access token:

  "scope" : "all",
  "access_token" : "TuWHW0+8mUauD/y9E0HklZqrHGkA6+34",
  "refresh_token" : "rTdb7EMWXdCCdzZzMLD+EWcoXATmETll",
  "expires_in" : 3153599999

You can invoke this request as many times as you like - only 1 access token is ever valid for a specific user-appID combination, so repeated invocations of this method will invalidate any existing access and refresh token.

Refreshing tokens

Using example data from the above:


curl -X POST -Fgrant_type="refresh_token" -Fclient_id="$CLIENT_ID" \
 -Fclient_secret="$CLIENT_SECRET" -Frefresh_token="$REFRESH_TOKEN" "$RSPACE_URL/oauth/token"

Will return a new refresh token and access token.

JWT tokens

We also support JWT token generation. To obtain a JWT token, add -Fis_jwt="true" to password or refresh_token grant types.

curl -X POST -Fgrant_type="password" -Fclient_id="$CLIENT_ID" \
 -Fclient_secret="$CLIENT_SECRET" -Fusername="$USERNAME" \
 -Fpassword="$PASSWORD" -Fis_jwt="true" "$RSPACE_URL/oauth/token"

You can generate as many JWT tokens as you like. All JWT tokens will be valid until expiry, and until the refresh token is not updated.

JWT tokens do not interfere with the normal access/refresh token generation workflow. If a JWT is requested for an existing access/refresh token pair, the RSpace API assumes the refresh token is known and does not return it in the response body. In addition, grant type of refresh_token with is_jwt parameter will return a new JWT token, but will not update the refresh token.

Making API calls

Use your access token as follows to make API calls.

export ACCESS_TOKEN=TuWHW0+8mUauD/y9E0HklZqrHGkA6+34
## for example, list your documents
curl -H"Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" "$RSPACE_URL/api/v1/documents"