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Feature: stub a chain of methods
The `stub_chain` method lets you to stub a chain of methods in one statement.
Method chains are considered a design smell, but it's not really the method
chain that is the problem - it's the dependency chain represented by a chain
of messages to different objects:
This is a Law of Demeter violation if `get_bar` returns an object other than
`foo`, and `get_baz` returns yet another object.
Fluent interfaces look similar from a caller's perspective, but don't
represent a dependency chain (the caller depends only on the object it is
calling). Consider this common example from Ruby on Rails:
The `recent` and `by` methods return the same object, so this is not a Law of
Demeter violation.
Scenario: stub a chain of methods
Given a file named "stub_chain_spec.rb" with:
describe "stubbing a chain of methods" do
subject { }
context "given symbols representing methods" do
it "returns the correct value" do
subject.stub_chain(:one, :two, :three).and_return(:four) eq(:four)
context "given a string of methods separated by dots" do
it "returns the correct value" do
subject.stub_chain("one.two.three").and_return(:four) eq(:four)
When I run "rspec stub_chain_spec.rb"
Then the output should contain "2 examples, 0 failures"
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