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Read the Docs Sphinx API Theme

The Read the Docs API Theme is a mobile friendly theme similar to the official Read the Docs theme but designed specifically for API documentation.


Via package

Currently, the only way to install this theme is by forking this repository (see below).

Via git or download

Symlink or subtree the apitheme/apitheme repository into your documentation at docs/_themes/sphinx_rtd_theme then add the following two settings to your Sphinx conf.py file:

html_theme = "apitheme"
html_theme_path = ["_themes", ]


There are currently no way to customize the theme.


There have been no releases so far.

Contributing or modifying the theme

Set up your environment

  1. Install sphinx into a virtual environment.
pip install sphinx
  1. Install node, bower and gulp.
// Install node
brew install node

// Install bower and grunt
npm install -g bower gulp

// Now that everything is installed, let's install the theme dependecies.
npm install
  1. Now that our environment is set up, make sure you're in your virtual environment, go to this repository in your terminal and run grunt: