Live ServeIt demo: Imagenet classifier API with Keras pretrained model
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Live ServeIt demo

ImageNet classifier API with Keras pre-trained model

ServeIt is an open source library that lets you serve model predictions and supplementary information from a RESTful API on any domain using your favorite Python ML library in as little as one line of code. This repository illustrates the process of deploying a pre-trained ImageNet classifier with ServeIt to a new API endpoint. The classifier accepts an image URL as a parameter in a POST request and responds with the top predicted classes for that image.

Give it a try!

cat picture

curl -XPOST ''
# [[["n02123159", "tiger_cat", 0.590599775314331], ["n03942813", "ping-pong_ball", 0.08682757616043091], ["n02119789", "kit_fox", 0.07293993979692459]]]

plane picture

curl -XPOST ''
# [[["n02690373", "airliner", 0.5754486322402954], ["n04592741", "wing", 0.2601102292537689], ["n04552348", "warplane", 0.12749212980270386]]]

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