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Version 0.7.3 (2010 June 24)
* Fixed a major bug in roff output due to overly aggressive doublequote
escaping. Paragraphs and code blocks were not being displayed if they
included a double-quote character. (rtomayko, pawelz)
Version 0.7.0 (2010 June 21)
* HTML: Manual references (like 'grep(1)', 'ls(1)', etc.) are now hyperlinked
based on a set of name -> URL mappings defined in an index.txt file. The index
may also define links to things that aren't manuals for use in markdown
reference-style links. See the ronn(1) manual on LINK INDEXES for more
inforation: <>
* ROFF: Fixed a bug where multiple dot characters (.) at the beginning of a
line were not being escaped properly and were not displayed when viewed
in the terminal. (rtomayko)
* ROFF: Non-breaking space characters (&nbsp;) can now be used to control line
wrap in roff output. (rtomayko)
* ROFF: Named HTML entities like &bull;, &trade;, &copy;, and &mdash; are now
converted to their roff escaped equivalents. (rtomayko)
* An undocumented --markdown format option argument has been added to ronn(1).
When given, ronn generates a <name>.<section>.markdown file with the
post-processed markdown text. This is mostly useful for debugging but may be
useful for converting ronn-format to 100% compatible markdown text.
* The ronn(5) manpage is now known as ronn-format(7) (section 5 is limited
to configuration files and stuff like that historically). The old ronn(7)
manpage, which was really just the README, has been removed.
* Performance improvements. Fixed a few cases where HTML was being reparsed
needlessly, tuned dom selectors, ... (rtomayko)
Version 0.6.6 (2010 June 13)
Small bug fix release fixes whitespace stripping between adjacent
inline elements in roff output (adamv, rtomayko)
Version 0.6 (2010 June 13)
* HTML: New styling system:
ronn --style=toc,print program.1.ronn
ronn -s dark,toc,/path/to/custom.css man/*.ronn
The --style (-s) option takes a list of CSS stylesheets to embed into the
generated HTML. Stylesheets are inserted in the order specified and can use
the cascade to add or remove visual elements.
Ronn ships with a few built in styles: toc, dark, 80c, and print. You can
insert your own by giving the path or manipulating the RONN_STYLE environment
See ronn(1) for full details on all of these things (rtomayko)
* HTML: It's now possible to generate a Table Of Contents of manpage sections.
The TOC is disabled by default. To enable it: ronn --style=toc file.ronn
* HTML: The RONN_LAYOUT environment variable can be used to apply a custom
mustache layout template:
RONN_LAYOUT=mine.mustache ronn man/great-program.1.ronn
See lib/ronn/template/default.html for default markup and features
* HTML: All heading elements include page anchor id attributes to make
it possible to link to a specific manpage section (sunaku)
* HTML: Markdown reference links can be used to refer to sections. To link
to the SEE ALSO section of the current manpage, use: [SEE ALSO][], or [to
control the link text][SEE ALSO], or even [use the relative URL](#SEE-ALSO).
* HTML: 80 character terminal style: ronn -s 80c file.ronn -- precisely
emulates a 80c terminal (sunaku)
* HTML: Various appearance changes to the default stylesheet: smaller type
with consistent vertical baseline; darker type for more contrast; em, var,
and u are italic instead of underline (rtomayko)
* HTML: Various print stylesheet tweaks, including hyperlinks and layout
enhancements (sunaku)
* ROFF: ronn --warnings (-w) shows troff warnings on stderr when building
or viewing manuals. (rtomayko)
* ROFF: Ordered lists. (sunaku)
* ROFF: URLs for hyperlinks are shown immediately after hyperlink text.
* The RONN_MANUAL, RONN_ORGANIZATION, and RONN_DATE environment variables
establish the default values of the --manual, --organization, and --date
options (rtomayko)
* ROFF: Don't crash with empty preformatted blocks (sunaku)
* ROFF: A whole bunch of weird whitespace related problems in roff output,
such as the first line of definition lists being indented by two
characters (rtomayko)
* ROFF: All ['".] characters are backslash escaped in roff output. These
characters are used for various roff macro syntax (rtomayko)
Deprecations, Obsoletions:
* The ronn(1) command line interface has changed in ways that are not
backward-compatible with previous versions of ronn. The --build option is
assumed when one or more .ronn files is given on the command line. Previous
versions write generated content to standard output with no explicit --build
The default behavior when no files are given remains the same as previous
versions: ronn source text is read from stdin and roff is written to stdout.
See `ronn --help' or the ronn(1) manual for more on command line interface
(rtomayko, defunkt)
* HTML: Ronn no longer uses a specific monospace font-family; the system
default monospace font is used instead. Use 'ronn --style' to set up a font
stack (rtomayko)
* HTML: The following HTML elements are deprecated and will be removed at some
point: div#man, div#man, div#man ol.head, div#man
The .mp, .man-decor, .man-head, .man-foot, .man-title, and .man-navigation
classes should be used instead (rtomayko)
* The markdown(5) manpage is no longer shipped with the ronn package. It is
shipped with the latest version of rdiscount, however.
(rtomayko, sunaku)
0.5 (2010 April 24)
* Fixed a bug in roff output where multiple successive newlines were being
collapsed into a single newline in preformatted output.
* Hexadecimal and decimal entity references generated by the Markdown to HTML
conversion are now properly decoded into normal characters in roff output.
* The compatibility shims that allowed the ronn command to be invoked as "ron",
and the ronn library to be required as "ron", have been removed.
0.4 (2010 March 08)
* Ron has been renamed "Ronn", including the "ronn" command and the "ronn"
library. Compatibility shims are included in this release but will be removed
in the next release.
* The hpricot library is now used for HTML hackery instead of the nokogiri
library. The hpricot library is preferred because it doesn't depend on external
system dependencies.