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-*- text -*-
0.9.2 (Son, Nov 16 2003)
- UTF-8 support (only tested with german). Please report problems with
other languages to <>
- New little feature: you could place gmrun with the -geometry parameter
0.8.1 (Sat, Aug 17 2002)
- bug fix release:
- major bug fixed: you could not edit a .doc file with soffice if
you had an extension handler for .doc set as "AbiWord %s" :)
Analogue for other extensions.
- smoother key handling (mainly the END/C-E, HOME/C-A keys now work
correctly and also clear the selection).
- others: elimined most compiler warnings (I just noticed them..:),
some code cleanup (mainly reindentation).
0.8.0 (Fri, Aug 16 2002, it's been a long time)
- New feature: extension handlers. This allows us to type directly the
file, and gmrun will select your preferred application handler based of
the configuration in ~/.gmrunrc or $prefis/share/gmrun/gmrunrc
- New feature: TAB simulation. You can set a timeout for this in the
config file, and gmrun will automatically issue a TAB press after that
milliseconds after the last keypress.. I've tried to handle this the
smart way, but it could still be buggy so by default is disabled
(TabTimeout variable in config file, set it to some non-zero value to
- New "feature": you can select the old way of running commands using the
"system" libc function. This has the great advantage that allows you to
combine commands using shell operators. To enable it specify
"--enable-system" at configure time.
- Bug fix: white-space characters inside file names now (hopefully) behave
correcly. They are backslash-ed :) like in bash.
- Bug fix: '!' character now enters search mode even if all the field is
selected. Thanks to Michal Politowski for noticing this and also for
fixing it :) actually I never regarded it as a bug, but it was.. :)
- Another patch from Michal Politowski lets two configuration files to
work together. More specifically, if $prefix/share/gmrun/gmrunrc exists
it will be loaded, and then it will try $HOME/.gmrunrc, but the latter
does not override completely the settings from the global file. So you
can provide clean defaults in the global file, and each user will
customize it's own file by editing only those properties that he doesn't
like.. which is kind of normal, after all :)