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for those who use icewm as their window manager gmrun comes as a very light and good
replacement for the nifty but desktop space consuming 'address bar' that
comes with this window manager.
what should you do:
edit your icewm preferences (~/.icewm/preferences) and modify some
params there as below:
ShowAddressBar=0 # in fact this is the only option you need to
# modify.. but this was my only reason to use a
# double-height taskbar :))
RunCommand="gmrun" # heh, this too :) .. it's pretty obvious why :P~
this can suffice but still there is more you can do to make your life easier:
1. put up a keyboard shortcut for gmrun:
edit ~/.icewm/keys and put there a line like this one below:
key "Alt+Ctrl+r" gmrun
2. customize the gmrun window management:
edit ~/.icewm/winoptions and put there stuff like this:
gmrun.ignoreTaskBar: 1
gmrun.layer: OnTop
gmrun.fResize: 0
gmrun.fClose: 0
gmrun.fMinimize: 0
gmrun.fMaximize: 0
gmrun.fHide: 0
gmrun.fRollup: 0
gmrun.dTitleBar: 0
gmrun.dBorder: 0