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These are my Arch Linux PKGBUILD files for a proper
MinGW-w64 cross-compilation environment.
Find them in the AUR for more details that are missing.
This general build order for a mingw-w64 cross-compiler
is necessary:
1. headers binutils
2. gcc-base
3. crt winpthreads
4. gcc
One PKGBUILD for everything is fugly, so there's 7,
including 2 bootstrap packages...
The Final Build/Install order, as performed by yaourt
when doing "yaourt -S mingw-w64-gcc":
1. build+install mingw-w64-binutils
2. build+install mingw-w64-headers-bootstrap
3. build+install mingw-w64-headers(-svn)
4. build+install mingw-w64-gcc-base
5. build+install mingw-w64-crt(-svn)
6. build+install mingw-w64-winpthreads (replaces mingw-w64-headers-bootstrap)
7. build+install mingw-w64-gcc (replaces mingw-w64-gcc-base)
Note: GCC 4.8 requires MinGW-w64 v3 (current trunk, which means svn versions)
The resulting binary packages that non-AUR-users
(once mingw-w64 is in a binary repo) should install:
- mingw-w64-headers
- mingw-w64-crt
- mingw-w64-winpthreads
- mingw-w64-binutils
- mingw-w64-gcc
All in group 'mingw-w64-toolchain'. At the end of the install process,
you should have no packages from the group 'mingw-w64-bootstrap' installed.