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#include "config.h"
#include "util/refcount.hpp"
#include "call_frame_list.hpp"
#include "gc/variable_buffer.hpp"
#include "gc/root_buffer.hpp"
#include "kcode.hpp"
#include "stats.hpp"
#include "auxiliary_threads.hpp"
#include "globals.hpp"
#include "symboltable.hpp"
#include "primitives.hpp"
#include "lock.hpp"
#include "util/thread.hpp"
#include <winsock2.h>
namespace rubinius {
namespace capi {
class Handle;
class Handles;
class GlobalHandle;
namespace tooling {
class ToolBroker;
class SignalHandler;
class ObjectMemory;
class GlobalCache;
class ConfigParser;
class State;
class VM;
class Configuration;
class LLVMState;
class WorldState;
class InlineCacheRegistry;
class ManagedThread;
class QueryAgent;
class Environment;
* SharedState represents the global shared state that needs to be shared
* across all VM instances.
* Rubinius makes no use of global variables; instead, all shared state is
* stored in a reference counted instance of this class. This makes it
* possible in theory to have multiple independent Rubinius runtimes in a
* single process.
class SharedState : public RefCount, public Lockable {
bool initialized_;
AuxiliaryThreads* auxiliary_threads_;
SignalHandler* signal_handler_;
capi::Handles* global_handles_;
std::list<capi::Handle*> cached_handles_;
std::list<capi::GlobalHandle*> global_handle_locations_;
int global_serial_;
WorldState* world_;
InlineCacheRegistry* ic_registry_;
unsigned int class_count_;
uint64_t method_count_;
std::list<ManagedThread*> threads_;
int thread_ids_;
kcode::CodePage kcode_page_;
kcode::table* kcode_table_;
int primitive_hits_[Primitives::cTotalPrimitives];
QueryAgent* agent_;
VM* root_vm_;
Environment* env_;
tooling::ToolBroker* tool_broker_;
utilities::thread::Mutex onig_lock_;
// This lock is to implement Thread.critical. It is not critical as
// the name would make it sound.
utilities::thread::Mutex ruby_critical_lock_;
pthread_t ruby_critical_thread_;
bool ruby_critical_set_;
bool use_capi_lock_;
Mutex capi_lock_;
utilities::thread::SpinLock capi_ds_lock_;
bool check_gc_;
Globals globals;
ObjectMemory* om;
GlobalCache* global_cache;
Configuration& config;
ConfigParser& user_variables;
SymbolTable symbols;
LLVMState* llvm_state;
Stats stats;
uint32_t hash_seed;
SharedState(Environment* env, Configuration& config, ConfigParser& cp);
static void discard(SharedState* ss);
int size();
void set_initialized() {
initialized_ = true;
AuxiliaryThreads* auxiliary_threads() {
return auxiliary_threads_;
SignalHandler* signal_handler() {
return signal_handler_;
void set_signal_handler(SignalHandler* thr) {
signal_handler_ = thr;
static SharedState* standalone(VM*);
VM* new_vm();
void remove_vm(VM*);
std::list<ManagedThread*>* threads() {
return &threads_;
Array* vm_threads(STATE);
void add_managed_thread(ManagedThread* thr);
void remove_managed_thread(ManagedThread* thr);
capi::Handles* global_handles() {
return global_handles_;
capi::Handle* add_global_handle(State*, Object* obj);
void make_handle_cached(State*, capi::Handle* handle);
std::list<capi::Handle*>* cached_handles() {
return &cached_handles_;
std::list<capi::GlobalHandle*>* global_handle_locations() {
return &global_handle_locations_;
void add_global_handle_location(capi::Handle** loc, const char* file, int line);
void del_global_handle_location(capi::Handle** loc);
int global_serial() {
return global_serial_;
int inc_global_serial(STATE) {
return ++global_serial_;
uint32_t new_thread_id();
int* global_serial_address() {
return &global_serial_;
InlineCacheRegistry* ic_registry() {
return ic_registry_;
unsigned int inc_class_count(STATE) {
return ++class_count_;
uint64_t inc_method_count(STATE) {
return ++method_count_;
int inc_primitive_hit(int primitive) {
return ++primitive_hits_[primitive];
int& primitive_hits(int primitive) {
return primitive_hits_[primitive];
kcode::table* kcode_table() {
return kcode_table_;
kcode::CodePage kcode_page() {
return kcode_page_;
void set_kcode_table(kcode::table* tbl, kcode::CodePage page) {
kcode_table_ = tbl;
kcode_page_ = page;
QueryAgent* agent() {
return agent_;
QueryAgent* start_agent(STATE);
Environment* env() {
return env_;
utilities::thread::Mutex& onig_lock() {
return onig_lock_;
VM* root_vm() {
return root_vm_;
tooling::ToolBroker* tool_broker() {
return tool_broker_;
ObjectMemory* memory() {
return om;
bool check_gc_p() {
bool c = check_gc_;
if (unlikely(c)) {
check_gc_ = false;
return c;
void gc_soon() {
check_gc_ = true;
void set_use_capi_lock(bool s) {
use_capi_lock_ = s;
utilities::thread::SpinLock& capi_ds_lock() {
return capi_ds_lock_;
void scheduler_loop();
void reinit(STATE);
bool should_stop();
bool stop_the_world(THREAD) WARN_UNUSED;
void restart_world(THREAD);
void stop_threads_externally();
void restart_threads_externally();
bool checkpoint(THREAD);
void gc_dependent(STATE);
void gc_independent(STATE);
void gc_dependent(THREAD);
void gc_independent(THREAD);
void set_critical(STATE);
void clear_critical(STATE);
void enter_capi(STATE, const char* file, int line);
void leave_capi(STATE);
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