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What’s the Status, Kenneth?
Shane Becker

I’m pretty sure it started like this.

“Hello, Evan dear.” — Evan’s Grandma Betty

“Grandma Betty!” — Evan

“You know, I was thinking about your little Rubinius thingy while I was gardening today. How’s it doing?” — Evan’s Grandma Betty

“Oh, Grandma Betty, that’s so sweet of you to think of me and it. It’s coming along still, of course.” — Evan

“That’s good to hear. I was specifically wondering how the 1.9 support is looking.” — Evan’s Grandma Betty

“Grandma Betty! You do always love the Latest and Greatest™, don’t you? Well, let’s see. I’d say that 1.9 support comes down to 7 main areas: Encoding, String, Regex, Symbol, IO, Argument Processing, Windows Support. Each has varying degrees of progress.” — Evan

“OK. I wish that there was some way for me to keep more up to date on these happenings without needing to calling you. When I call you, I want to hear about that wife and baby of yours.” — Evan’s Grandma Betty

“You got it, Grandma Betty. I’ll get my Top Nerds™ on the case.” — Evan

[sometime later]

“Alright, Grandma Betty. We made the Rubinius Status Board™ especially just for you. It’s” — Evan

That conversation may or may not be completely fictionalized. There is one thing that is most emphatically true: Rubinius has a Status Board™ now. If you are ever curious how progress is going on things, go check out Tell your friends.


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