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Generating bundler 1.2.1 documentation shows an error #2002

frodsan opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Hey guys! I'm trying Rubinius after seeing the awesome Brian's talk at RubyConf. I have this error when I installed bundler. Any thoughts on this? Is it Bundler or Rubinius? Thanks!

frodsan$ gem install bundler
Successfully installed bundler-1.2.1
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for bundler-1.2.1...
Installing RDoc documentation for bundler-1.2.1...
ERROR:  While generating documentation for bundler-1.2.1
... MESSAGE:   error generating Thor/Invocation.html: undefined conversion for '"\n<p>Receives a name and invokes it. The name can be a string (either \xE2\x80\x9Ctask\xE2\x80\x9D or\n\xE2\x80\x9Cnamespace:task\xE2\x80\x9D), a <a href=\"Task.html\">Thor::Task</a>, a Class or a <a\nhref=\"../Thor.html\">Thor</a> instance. If the task cannot be guessed by\nname, it can also be supplied as second argument.</p>\n\n<p>You can also supply the arguments, options and configuration values for the\ntask to be invoked, if none is given, the same values used to initialize\nthe invoker are used to initialize the invoked.</p>\n\n<p>When no name is given, it will invoke the default task of the current\nclass.</p>\n\n<h4 id=\"method-i-invoke-label-Examples\">Examples</h4>\n"' from UTF-8 to US-ASCII (Encoding::CompatibilityError)
... RDOC args: --op /Users/frodsan/.rbenv/versions/rbx-2.0.0-dev/gems/1.9/doc/bundler-1.2.1/rdoc lib --title bundler-1.2.1 Documentation --quiet

@frodsan this is likely an encoding issue. Thanks for letting us know. I'll take a look.


Looks like this has been fixed in the mean while, can't seem to reproduce this anymore. If you still see this error, please open a new issue.

@dbussink dbussink closed this
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