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Ruby commit hook Build Status


On each commit of Ruby's Git repository, following git hooks are triggered:


  • Verify committer email from SVN_ACCOUNT_NAME associated to SSH key used for git push
  • Reject merge commits (ask @mame about why)


  • Send notification to
  • Commit automatic styling:
    • remove trailing spaces
    • append newline at EOF
    • expand tabs
  • Update version.h if date is changed
  • Request Redmine to fetch changesets
  • Mirror cgit to GitHub
  • Notify committer's Slack

The directory structure of

  • /data/svn/repos/ruby: SVN repository of Ruby
    • hooks/post-commit: Run /home/git/ruby-commit-hook/hooks/
  • /data/git/ruby.git: Bare Git repository of ruby
    • hooks/post-receive: Run /home/git/ruby-commit-hook/hooks/
  • /home/git/ruby-commit-hook: Cloned Git repository of ruby-commit-hook


  • There's a symlink /var/git -> /data/git.
  • User git's $HOME is NOT /home/git but /var/git.

How to deploy ruby-commit-hook

bin, cgi-bin, hooks

  • git push to ruby-commit-hook's master branch automatically updates them.
    • ruby-commit-hook push webhook triggers cgi-bin/webhook.cgi
    • It runs sudo -u git bin/


Note: is managed in this repository.

To apply apache2 config changes, once the webhook finishes, run:

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload


Ruby License

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