A lightweight and database-level Ruby library to transform any Active Record query into analytics hash ready for use with any chart library.
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The Chartable Ruby gem

The Chartable gem is a lightweight and database-level library to transform any Active Record query into analytics hash ready for use with any chart library.

Supported database engines: MySQL and PostgreSQL


gem install chartable

Usage examples

The gem adds the analytics class method to all Rails models. Currently, five analytics periods are available: yearly, weekly, monthly, quarterly and daily. If it's not specified then it operates on the created_at column.

User.analytics(:yearly) # => { 2017 => 5, 2018 => 30 }
User.analytics(:monthly) # => { "November 2018" => 1, "October 2018" => 1 }
User.analytics(:daily) # => {"October 09, 2018" => 1, "October 10, 2018" => 1}
User.analytics(:weekly) # => {"01/28/18 - 02/03/18" => 1, "02/11/18 - 02/17/18" => 1}
User.analytics(:quarterly) # => {"Q1 2018" => 1, "Q2 2018" => 1}

If you want to change the column used for sorting then specify the :on option:

User.analytics(:yearly, on: 'updated_at')

If you want to narrow the results you can pass from: or/and to: options. You can pass any valid value of type String, Date, DateTime or Time - it will be transformed to the date format:

User.analytics(:yearly, from: Date.yesterday, to: Date.today)

You can also call analytics on any query:

User.where(first_name: 'John').where.not(last_name: 'Doe').analytics(:daily)


With the version is possible to sort results:

User.analytics(:yearly, order: 'desc') # or order: 'asc'

Supported Ruby Versions

This gem was tested on the 2.5.0 version. If it's not working with older versions please add a new issue.

Committers and Contributors


  • Add the CHANGELOG file
  • Add a separated query class for each database driver
  • When a date period is restricted then return 0 for periods without the data
  • Test code with the older Ruby versions


Copyright (c) 2018 Paweł Dąbrowski. See LICENSE for details.