Maupassant theme, ported to Hugo. Forked from JokerQyou.
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Maupassant theme, ported to Hugo.

  1. Preview: flysnow blog
  2. 中文文档

A simple Hugo template with great performance on different devices, ported from a Typecho theme by Cho, forked and modified from JokerQyou.


template preview



cd <YOUR Bolg Root Dir>
git clone themes/maupassant


Apply theme

theme = "maupassant"

Basic Configuration

baseURL = ""
languageCode = "zh-CN"
title = "飞雪无情的博客"
theme = "maupassant"

  name = "飞雪无情"

  author = "飞雪无情"
  subtitle = "专注于Android、Java、Go语言(golang)、移动互联网、项目管理、软件架构"
  keywords = "golang,go语言,go语言笔记,飞雪无情,java,android,博客,项目管理,python,软件架构,公众号,小程序"
  description = "专注于IT互联网,包括但不限于Go语言(golang)、Java、Android、Python、项目管理、抖音分析、软件架构等"



    identifier = "books"
    name = "新书"
    url = "/books/"
    weight = 2

    identifier = "archives"
    name = "归档"
    url = "/archives/"
    weight = 3

    identifier = "about"
    name = "关于"
    url = "/about/"
    weight = 4

friend links

  title = "Android Gradle权威指南"
  name = "Android Gradle权威指南"
  url = ""
  title = "常用开发工具CDN镜像"
  name = "常用开发工具CDN镜像"
  url = ""

Google Analytics

googleAnalytics = "GA ID"


disqusShortname = "yourdiscussshortname"

Page View Support

  busuanzi = true


All kinds of contributions (enhancements, new features, documentation & code improvements, issues & bugs reporting) are welcome.

Looking forward to your pull request.

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