Problematic Characters in Path? #54

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It seems like brackets in file names with lead to tricky situations:

awk: cmd. line:32: (FILENAME=- FNR=67) fatal: Invalid range end: //home/foo/bar/Foo.-.[12-3-4567]/

Just tested it out, completion seems to work OK, to use brackets in search patterns looks like you have to double escape them eg z \\[12-3


I didn't type any bracket characters, just:

z Foo

Hmm, I can't reproduce that. Am I doing anything different than you?

~$ mkdir Foo.-.\[12-3-4567\]
~$ cd Foo.-.[12-3-4567]
~/Foo.-.[12-3-4567]$ cd
~$ z Foo

If I do the same thing, I get the aforementioned error after the last command:

awk: cmd. line:32: (FILENAME=- FNR=73) fatal: Invalid range end: //home/me/Foo.-.[12-3-4567]/

Huh, what OS are you using. If it's a *nix, what awk is installed (on the Ubuntu machine I'm on at the moment it's mawk)?


Arch Linux, gawk 4.0.1.

@rupa rupa added a commit that closed this issue Jul 4, 2012
@rupa fix for gawk with regex chars in paths
Sub out regex chars in paths before comparing them. Fixes gawk and
doesn't seem to break other awks. Closes #54
@rupa rupa closed this in 9162239 Jul 4, 2012
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