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Agenda 5/26/2015


nrc, edunham, larsbergstrom, steveklabnik, nmatsakis, huonw, pnkfelix, aturon, acrichto, Gankro


pnkfelix: Non-zeroing moves

Introducing Emily

  • aturon: Pleased to welcome Emily to the Mozilla Research team! She will be working across all of Mozilla Research, with an initial focus on Rust, but also with Servo. She is based out of Portland.

Whistler update from Lars

  • larsberg: Training is going to happen. Going to have a 3 hour training session on Rust, and other on Servo. Still working out the exact timing. Will talk with aturon and pnkfelix to put together training materials.
  • nmatsakis: I've been thinking about a Boston meetup group running a training session. I was thinking these materials could be a general template for people who want to run training sessions. Have to separate out what is specific to Gecko.
  • aturon: In boston before or after the workweek?
  • nmatsakis: I'm in favor of this training, but I'm not driving it. Not much time... but it seems plausible to run it before, probably will wind up being after realistically.


  • larsberg: shortest rustup ever! Only one breaking change, to a compiler plugin. Only took 3 hours (took longer to build the snapshots)!
  • nrc: What version are you on now?
  • larsberg: we're running on a master build -- from about 4-5 days ago. Have to build our own snapshots for cross-compilation to Android

Minor RFCs

  • nrc: Had a small thread on discuss, but thought it'd be good to talk things out here.
  • nrc: I wanted to formalize the process around really small RFCs. The motivation was, we have an amendment RFC for casting. It changes ~6 lines of the cast RFC to be more accurate. It felt like having a week-long final comment period. But emailing around to the lang subteam didn't work well either, in terms of latency.
  • nrc: Basically, I wanted some way to deal with this kind of RFC quickly.
  • nrc: Sounds like my idea of a public 24 hour last call isn't going to fly.
  • nrc: aturon mentioned the idea of filling in an etherpad to gauge consensus, but I worry that won't address the latency issue.
  • nmatsakis: Part of the subteam plan is to not require constant participation, to accomodate volunteers.

[some detailed discussion]

future of weekly meeting

aturon: With subteams, the weekly meeting is becoming less relevant. We could possibly replace it with a town hall type meeting, and/or a mozilla employee meeting to focus on internal teamwork/statuses.

pnkfelix: using the time slot for relevant meeting is ok huon: i'll be in sfo soon so no longer time constraint nrc: we can go earlier; current time is easy now nrc: wouldn't want town hall plus moco meeting every week

aturon: quarterly cadence for internal moco stuff might work better... biweekly then re-assess. meeting in 2 weeks' time, 1hr earlier.

nrc: do we want to schedule a first town hall meeting?

aturon: I'm talking with some of the local production users and trying to set something up.