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A quick note on version 2.0
-I've started work on porting 2.0 to Ender
-already but it's taking longer than I hoped due to the major changes in
-the twitter 2.0 branch and the fact that I'm heading in a different
-direction for the build process.
+Version 2.0 is almost complete but it's a very different project.
+Instead of a direct fork I have a build app that does the conversion and
+packaging. Plus, the plugins are all in NPM separately if you don't want
+them all.
-The new build process will be a script that edits the plugin files
-according to regex rules and creates Ender compatible modules. I'll also
-be publishing the plugins separately to NPM so you only have to install
-the ones you need rather than the whole hog, like my v1 port.
-If you'd like to help then check out my ender-2.0-wip branch.
+**See for v2.0 details**

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