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require "rubygems"
task :default => ["test"]
task :test do exec "bash -l -c \"./test/suite\"" ; end
namespace :gem do
task :refresh do
exec "gem uninstall rvm ; rm -f pkg/*.gem ./rvm.gemspec && rake gemspec && rake build && gem install pkg/*.gem --no-rdoc --no-ri"
desc "Build the rvm gem."
task :build do
$(tput setaf 3)INSTALLING FROM SOURCE$(tput sgr0)
If you are using rvm from source, DO NOT build the gem.
Instead, run the following from the rvm source's root dir.
$(tput setaf 2)For installing/updating: ./install$(tput sgr0)
puts "$(gem build rvm.gemspec)"
desc "Install the rvm gem (NO sudo)."
task :install do
%x{gem install rvm*.gem --no-rdoc --no-ri -l}
require "jeweler"
require "lib/rvm/version" do |gemspec|
# No longer packaging RVM with RVM API = "rvm"
gemspec.version = RVM::Version::STRING
gemspec.summary = "Ruby Version Manager (rvm)"
gemspec.require_paths = ["lib"] ="%Y-%m-%d")
gemspec.description = "Manages Ruby interpreter environments and switching between them."
gemspec.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY
gemspec.files = ["README", "sha1", "LICENCE", "rvm.gemspec", Dir::glob("lib/**/**")].flatten
# gemspec.executables = Dir::glob("bin/rvm-*").map{ |script| File::basename script }
gemspec.require_path = "lib"
gemspec.has_rdoc = File::exist?("doc")
gemspec.rdoc_options = ["--inline-source", "--charset=UTF-8"]
gemspec.authors = ["Wayne E. Seguin"] = ""
gemspec.homepage = ""
gemspec.extensions << "extconf.rb" if File::exists?("extconf.rb")
gemspec.rubyforge_project = "rvm"
gemspec.post_install_message = <<-POST_INSTALL_MESSAGE
#{"*" * 80}
This gem contains only the Ruby libraries for the RVM Ruby API.
In order to install RVM please use one of the methods listed in the documentation
such as,
bash < <( curl )
followed by placing the sourcing line in your ~/.bash_profile or wherever may
be appropriate for your setup (example, .zshenv, /etc/profile, ...):
[[ -s "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm" ]] && . "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm" # Load RVM into a shell session *as a function*
After completing setup please open a new shell to use RVM and be sure to run
'rvm notes' to gain a list of dependencies to install before installing the
first Ruby. You can read more details about this process on the above
mentioned install page as well as the basics page:
#{"*" * 80}
rescue LoadError
puts "Jeweler not available. Install it with: gem install jeweler"
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