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[PiLock] ( - Electronic Deadbolt System

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TODO: Using gulp setting up api -> dropwizard Remove all files that are no longer needed (many in the base dir) setup gulp script

Things to install: nodejs reactjs react native jquery (Download) maven

to add: jest relay graphql swagger for api?? finish up swagger ui -> ui not working dropwizard flyway for db migration fix the cross domain origin error in nodejs app add 'corsproxy' to the package json and when running authy to api

remove legacy php from mobile rewrite mobile to use web optimzied fix/investigate bug if you logout but page not refresh you can still use the site newrelic -> fix naming

Api ->json and post variables Mobile -> web (move to web and use the same thing) & application Web NFC Servo -> use java api client

##Api API

  • Java 8
  • dropwizard 1.0.0
  • dropwizard java 8
  • maven
  • jdbi -> postgresql (9.4.4) using jdbi dropwizard
  • swagger 1.5.4 api documentation

##Web (+ mobile optimized) Web

  • nodejs
  • reactjs


  • Java 8

##Servo Servo

  • Moves the deadbolt using a servo
  • python

##Mobile Application Mobile

  • react native